Who will benefit from this product?
This product is ideal for anyone who wants to understand the facts about parental alienation.
In particular this product is geared toward arming parents who wonder if they are experiencing alienation with all the information they need to make the best of a difficult, potentially inflammatory situation.
For parents who are already in the midst of an alienation conflict; parents who are suffering from a deterioration in their relationship with their children after divorce this invaluable product offers a myriad of tools and resources for managing the emotional and legal complexities. This information is organized so that you can be as informed and aware as possible about what's going on. The best thing that can happen is that you reconnect with your children the worst thing that can happen is that you never tried.
What is included?
This product includes:
  • An interactive digital WORKBOOK full of thought provoking exercises for managing the devastating emotional complexities of parental alienation.
  • Plus 4 digital audio tracks packed with expert knowledge from Jill Egizii who is not only the President of an organization devoted to raising awareness about parental alienation but also an alienated mother.
  • Plus a hypnotic relaxation track designed by expert hypnotherapist Maureen Quinn.
For more about hypnosis for Parental Alienation click the image:
When will I receive my items?
This is a 100% digital product which means that you gain INSTANT access to this invaluable material.
Just click the download links on the page that appears AFTER you complete you Paypal transaction and go.
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