Child Alienation

Are you a father going through a divorce or custody action? Do you know such a father? Are you looking for assistance? Luckily, you have found us, the United Fathers of America. We are here to help you.

We are an organization dedicated to helping fathers (wed or unwed) remain actively involved in the lives of their children after a divorce or separation. We have been helping fathers and their children for the past 25 years. Our members are people who have experienced difficult divorce, custody and child support battles, and have first-hand knowledge and understanding of our legal system and courts.

Parental Alienation 911 has been supporting fathers’ rights throughout the country since 1975. On a daily basis, we assist fathers in preparing for court. We have experts in family law, the court system, and child psychology. We fight for your rights!

Our offices work directly with the District Attorney’s office. We can assist you in obtaining from the District Attorney an audit of your account, a modification to correct the amount of child support if warranted, that you should be paying, a return of your driver’s license or your business license, and/or a refund if you have actually overpaid your support obligation.

Is your Court Order defined in detail so that it is enforceable before the Judge? If not, we can help. Is your Ex-wife or Ex-girlfriend disobeying your Court Order? We can assist you with a Contempt of Court action. TO DO NOTHING IS TOTALLY WRONG.

Parental Alienation 911 urges you to contact us immediately in order to take advantage of our services. We provide a crisis hotline, individual counseling, informative workshops, and referrals to attorneys that specialize in fighting for the rights of fathers. In addition, we can recommend a psychologist or child custody evaluator who best suits your needs.


Parental Alienation Syndrome? Ex-wife? Brainwashing?
Programming? Children? Fathers? Sabotage? Bond?
Relationship? Derogatory? Custody? Visitation?
Divorce? Psychological Tactics? Disobey Court Orders?

DAD, is your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend brainwashing your children against you? You could be the victim of Parental Alienation Syndrome. Does she actively sabotage your relationship with your children? Do any of the following tactics apply to your situation? If so, your children are being programmed against you!

  • Does your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend refuse to allow you to speak with your children on the telephone?
  • Does she plan other activities for your children during YOUR visitation times?
  • Does she attempt to make your children see her new husband as their real father?
  • Does she trash the mail and packages you send to your children?
  • Does your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend belittle you and use profanity against you in the presence of your children?
  • Does she refuse to inform you regarding your children’s activities such as, school plays, soccer games and other activities that your children are involved in?
  • Does your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend speak in a derogatory manner about your new fiancee or wife?
  • Does she disobey Court orders by refusing to allow you visitations with your children?
  • Does she neglect to inform you about your children’s medical, dental, psychological or other important appointments?
  • Does she enlist the help of others, such as her new husband, or your ex-mother-in-law, to help her brainwash your children against you?
  • Does your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend make important decisions regarding your children without ever consulting you?
  • Has she attempted to change or has changed your child’s last name?
  • Has she refused you access to your child’s school and/or medical records?
  • Has she gone on vacation and left your children with people other than you?
  • Has your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend told your children that the clothes you bought for them are ugly or refused to allow them to wear the clothes?
  • Does she threaten to punish your children if they phone, write, e-mail or in any way contact you?
  • Does she blame you for your child’s misbehavior?

If any of the above is happening to you, then you are a father whose children are being brainwashed against you. TO DO NOTHING IS TOTALLY WRONG! We can and will help you. *BRAINWASHING CHILDREN AGAINST FATHERS* knows what you are going through. We will assist you to counteract and put a stop to this brainwashing so you can maintain your strong bond and relationship with your child. Visit Houston Divorce Counsel for more information on how to win child custody in Texas.

Marital Property Rights

Community property? Real estate?
Family residence? Business interests?
Retirement and pensions? Profit-Sharing?
How will divorce affect our property,
assets, and debts?

Are you going through a divorce? Are you having problems with dividing up your community property? Do you need to find out what you can do with your company stock options? Your real estate? Your personal property? Your business? Your investments? Do you know how your divorce might affect your taxes, your retirement, and pension plans? Do you know what a QDRO is? Fortunately, you have found us, Marital Property Rights. We are here to help you.

We are a national organization dedicated to helping you receive fair treatment in the courtroom. Our members are people who have experience with difficult divorce cases and have first-hand knowledge and understanding of our legal system and its courts. We are staffed with experienced people whose field of expertise is in family law, specializing in divorce and the division of community property.

We at Marital Property Rights urge you to contact us immediately in order to take advantage of our services. We provide you with excellent assistance and, if necessary, can direct you to the appropriate accountants, actuaries, and attorneys who specialize in fighting for what is rightfully yours.

We are here to help you with your case, and we want to be certain that you know your rights. E-mail us today!


We plan eternal marriages and happy families, but no matter how much time we spend developing the best plans for our future, they are altered by fate. Instead of acting wimpy-like, destined for demise, those of us who find a source of rescue do survive.

If you or someone you know needs help because of divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, back or current child support, or spousal support, Parental Alienation 911 is the best source of rescue.

Parental Alienation 911 is dedicated to helping people with family issues. Educated in family law, our staff supports fathers’ rights throughout the country.

Working directly with the District Attorney’s office, we can assist in obtaining an audit of your account, a court modification to reduce unjust child support orders, and a release of your suspended drivers and/or business licenses.

With the same child support computer program used by judges, we approximate the amount of child support one is obligated to pay prior to appearing in court.

In addition, we provide our members with a hotline available from 9am-11pm 7 days a week, individual counseling for self-representation, referrals to attorneys specializing in family law, and recommend psychologists and child custody evaluators.

The fact is that approximately 86% of men in jail and 98% of men on death row are raised by one parent, the mother. Unfortunately, these men were raised without exposure to a male role model for guidance and discipline in their lives. We recommend to those mothers, wanting the best for their children, to refer the fathers of their children to us for assistance.

FATHERS ARE FOREVER encourages fathers to take advantage of our services by contacting us immediately.

Marital and Paternity Settlement Agreements

Mothers? Fathers? Divorce? Separation? Paternity?
Custody? Visitation? Child Support? Spousal Support?
Marital Property? Community Debts and Obligations?

As children, we are told to fight vigorously for our rights. We are taught the misconception that the harder we fight, the better the results. For children, these ideas may have been beneficial, but as adults, experience has taught us the value of compromise.

In a divorce, the harder we fight, the more we all lose. Going to court for a divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, or child support case costs us a great deal of time, money, and stress that can be eliminated if we agree to a Marital or Paternity Settlement Agreement. By entering into a Marital Or Paternity Settlement Agreement, we avoid several months or even years of court hearings. We also benefit by eliminating costly fees for attorneys, child psychologists, property appraisers, accountants, and most importantly, we avoid the anxiety that drains us and our children emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Negotiating a Marital or Paternity Settlement Agreement, allows us and our ex-spouse or ex-live-in mate to form a re-organization of the family that will satisfy both parties and lessen the fear and grief of our children. Why litigate in court before the judge, or hurt your children by fighting each other, when we can assist you to stipulate to a Marital or Paternity Settlement Agreement that meets the needs of all parties?

If you and your ex-spouse or ex-live-in mate want to save time, money, and stress in settling a divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, or child support matter, we can help you. E-mail us today.


Child Abduction Stealing Kidnapping Missing?
Hague Convention? Wrongfully Removed Retained?
Habitual Residence? Fathers Rights? International?
Move Away? Divorce? Paternity? Custody? Visitation?

HAS YOUR EX ABDUCTED YOUR CHILD??? FATHERS INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit organization that will literally go to the ends of the earth to uphold your rights. Don’t lose another precious moment of your child’s life wondering what to do, or mistakenly believing that there is nothing you can do. WE CAN HELP.

Has the idea of international law frightened you or prevented you from taking action to get your child back? Have you had difficulty finding an attorney that knows the law regarding children being wrongfully abducted to, or wrongfully kidnapped in another country? Do you think that because your child is in another country, there’s nothing you can do? WRONG!!!

The Hague Convention provides the laws of International Child Abduction regarding your custodial and visitation rights as a parent in the 53 member countries throughout the world. Contact us if . . . . .

  • If your child is under the age of 16
  • If your child was taken out of the country without your consent, or wrongfully retained in another country
  • If your child has been gone less than one year
  • If your child is located in one of the 53 member countries that have subscribed to the Hague Convention


The laws of the Hague Convention mandate that if your child has been taken without your consent, or wrongfully retained in another country, the Central Authority of the country to which your child was taken MUST HELP YOU FIND your child, MUST PROTECT your child once found and MUST RETURN your child to you. You will not be charged by that country for their efforts to find your child. In fact, the parent who stole the child can be forced to pay all related expenses, including the cost of having your child sent home to you.

IF YOUR CHILD HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM YOU AND TAKEN OUT, OF THE COUNTRY, THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO IS NOTHING! The sooner you act, the better chance you have of getting your child back quickly. After a year, the return of your child becomes much more difficult, though still not impossible. Even if you don’t have custody of your child, you still have rights. You have the right to know at all times where your child is, to have visitations with your child, and to remain actively involved in your child’s life. FATHERS INTERNATIONAL assists you to make sure that your rights of custody and visitation are enforced and protected. E-mail us today!

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